The Oceanic Escapes Story


The journey so far

Oceanic Escapes

From Bali, Indonesia

The “Yacht Charter Indonesia” website was launched in 2008, and offers Indonesian Charter Yachts and Cabin Cruises. As our client-base grew, and partnerships with yacht owners and their teams strengthened, the team decided it was time to embark on a global adventure. Oceanic Escapes was born.

To Singapore & the world

With the new-found mission to assist our clientele globally, Oceanic Escapes incorporated in Singapore in 2019. Today we put our passion for the ocean and yachting escapades, towards excellence in customer satisfaction. Stunning yachts & spectacular journeys is what Oceanic Escapes is all about.

Years of Experience

Guidance Team

Dik Halman - Oceanic Escapes

Dik Halman

Founder | Sales Director
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Kim Slot - Oceanic Escapes

Kim Slot

Founder | Marketing Director
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Kim Slot

Mike Bruines

Founder | Technical Director
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Lynn Bruines - Director - Oceanic Escapes

Lynn Bruines

Partner | Business Consultant
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