North Malé Atoll

Home to around 50 little islands

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A luxury 'resort island' hideaway in the sun

The main islands in North Malé Atoll include Dhiffushi, Gaafaru, Thulusdhoo, Eriyadhoo, Funadhoo, Hulhumalé, Bandos and Hulhulé. They are home to glorious beaches, incredible coral reefs and breath-taking scenery. North Malé Atoll is a magnet for diving enthusiasts seeking an underwater adventure of a lifetime in the many incredible dive sites including Banana Reef, Prisca, Hannes Reef, Fairytale Reef, and Meeru. Venture under the water and you’ll encounter a plethora of amazing reefs, marine life and even a few shipwrecks – the most famous is Maldives Victory Wreck.

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