Bali To Komodo

8 Days - 7 Nights

All inclusive family adventure

Visit the Dragons, snorkel or dive the famous dive sites,
relax on white and pink sand beaches. The Komodo National Parc is a world heritage site in the Flores sea. Komodo gained its unique geology due to volcanic activity. The scenery is stunning above, and below water. The islands feature a wide savannah landscape with patches of forest and white sandy beaches fringing blue lagoons teeming with fish. In Komodo you will find one of the most spectacular underwater sceneries in the world. Divers and guests all around the globe come to see, and experience, this amazing variation of marine life. Indonesia, Komodo

Serangan Island Bali

Day 1

The cruise starts from the harbour in Serangan in Bali. When you arrive the boat is prepared and ready to leave. After a round tour of the ship and a meet and greet with the crew, the journey begins. First we set sail to Lombok Island, this will be an overnight cruise. Enjoy cruising while sunbathing or relaxing. Lunch and diner will be served outside on the deck while you enjoy an amazing view.

Lombok Island

Day 2

Early morning we will arrive at Lombok Island. When you wake up there is nothing but the sound of the sea and nature all around you. Enjoy a full breakfast and get ready for some adventure. We will go ashore to visit the Tugu resort, with it’s beautiful beaches. Our next visit is to the waterfall. This waterfall is known for its unique 7 rows of waterfalls and is situated below the famous Mount Rinjani. A great lunch will be served on board and in the afternoon there is plenty of time to snorkel around and spot some turtles or just relax on one of the beaches. During the night we sail to Moyo Island.

Moyo and Satonda Island

Day 3

In the morning you will wake up next to Moyo island. Have your breakfast while enjoying the stunning view from the bay. Here we can dive in the shallow waters, if you are a PADI student, your course starts here. You find a beautiful coral garden with big schools of fish here. After lunch we set sail to Satonda island. This island was formed during the eruption of the MT Tambora, this was the 2nd largest volcano eruption ever recorded. Satonda island has become a small crater lake island. The surroundings of the Satonda beach are perfect for spending the afternoon snorkelling, paddle boarding, kayaking, wake boarding or diving. At sunset we will have an aperitif on the upper deck of the ship to watch the thousands of fruit bats leaving their nest at sundown. We drop anchor and stay in the bay overnight.

Sangeang Volcano

Day 4

The part that rises from the water surface forms the island of Sangeang. The volcano is still active,the diving spot “Hot Rock Reef” lies here and is surrounded by harmless, but amazing sulphur bubbles from the natural underwater vent. There is a small village situated on the beach which we can visit. The locals build big wooden boats here, this is a ancient trade still carried out on these islands. We will have lunch onboard the ship and in the afternoon there is time for another dive in the area. We moor here for the night. While sharing a bottle of wine on the upper you will enjoy gazing at a spectacular star scattered deep blue sky.

Gili Banta

Day 5

Enjoy your breakfast while at sea, because early morning we set sail for a two hour journey towards Gili Banta, where we enter the Komodo National Parc. This is the northernmost island and is well known for its wonderful unspoiled reefs. We can find lots of hard corals here and Hawksbill Turtles are a common site. Dolphins like to join our boat and play around in the bow waves of the ship. There is a sheltered bay with calm waters, an ideal place to explore the surroundings by kayak or paddle board. Lunch is served on the beach. During the night we will sail to the next destination.

Komodo channel

Day 6

At Komodo island we will be welcomed by pristine waters and white sandy beaches. First we get to visit the Komodo dragon, this exciting trekking will bring us to their natural habitat. A ranger takes us on a tour and tells us all about their behaviour, but there is more wildlife to see, like monkeys and deer. After lunch we visit a must see reef called “Makassar”, here Manta Rays pass the channel. You can take a snorkelling tour or enjoy a dive to see the Manta’s. In the afternoon a short cruise will bring us to Pink beach, the white sand is mixed with granules of red coral, which gave this beach its unique colour. Here we will have a nice aperitif on the beach while enjoying a spectacular sunset.

Bidadari Island

Day 7

We cruise to Bidadari island this morning. Bidadari means Angel as this island is a beautiful white atol surrounded by light blue water, perfect for snorkelling, sunbathing and water sport activities. There is a traditional local village we can visit, you will get to meet the friendly people and see how they live. Tonight we will have a beautiful beach dinner here on the island.

Back to Labuan Bajo

Day 8

This is our last morning, a full breakfast is prepared and depending on your flight schedule there is some time to take a last swim or water sports session before we head back to Labuan Bajo. Back in the harbour we will organise your transfer to the airport for your flight back to Bali.

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