Raja Ampat to Misool

9 Days - 8 Nights

Secret escape

Located at the Northwest tip of New Guinea in Indonesia’s West Papua province, lies the Raja Ampat archipelago with over 600 mostly uninhabited islands. The Raja Ampat (literally translated as ‘The Four Kings’) Islands are one of the most bio diverse regions in the world; a truly beautiful paradise that is untouched due to its remoteness.
As far as underwater beauty goes, the Raja Ampat harbors offer the greatest diversity of marine life with a sheer number and variety of fish (including 1,223 species of coral reef fish, 565 hard corals and some 700 mollusks). It is like swimming in a tropical aquarium. However, the beauty above the water is not less stunning. The islands are dramatically diverse and feature dense tropical forests, unique flora, astounding rock formations, and an amazing array of bird and wildlife.
This epic journey takes you through world class dive sites areas, like Dampier, Mansuar and Misool. From your Yacht, you will not only admire a stunning scenery above the water but also spend time to explore below the water, savor the relaxing atmosphere of the islands’ villages, hike to a lookout at Mount Pindito and watch the sun descend beyond the sand bank, and learn about the history and traditional crafts of these islands.

Wasai to Kri

Day 1

Our representative will greet you upon arriving in Waisai’s Marinda airport, assist with your luggage and escort you to the harbor, where we embark the yacht. While your luggage is transferred, enjoy a refreshing welcome drink. 


Once you are settled, the yacht will start cruising for about 4-5 hours in northern direction to Kri. During this time you can make yourself familiar with the exclusive services aboard. Arriving at Kri, we are making our way to its shoreline. Here you can relax and sunbathe on smooth white sand beaches, swim in the warm tropical turquoise waters or explore the colorful coral reefs snorkeling. 


After this delightful afternoon, it is time to return to the boat where you can relax before a delicious gourmet meal will be served and you can enjoy the sunset on your first evening aboard. We will moor here for the night. 

Gam Island

Day 2

After a leisurely breakfast, we return to kri island where you get an early morning snorkeling or scuba diving session. Explore the beautiful coral reefs that kri is known for, and be seduced by the bright schools of marine life around you.


Nowhere else on earth you will find more fish and coral species than here. The underwater beauty is unique with all kind of non-vertebrates like octopus, wobbegong and walking sharks. Just around the corner lie two other wonderful spots for diving blue magic and mios kon that are equally astonishing. So whether you are exploring ashore, swimming in the warm tropical waters, or relaxing aboard on the sun beds… This day of the journey will be one never to be forgotten.


In the afternoon, we will begin crusing tot he island of gam. Here you have the opportunity to go hiking through untamed jungles. The walk will take you along paths where the exotic birdlife is in abundance. Be sure to keep your eyes open for the famous red bird-of-paradise.


Back on board, enjoy a well-deserved rest, or a relaxing massage. Also tonight you can cherish an exquisite seafood diner, while you admire a beautiful sunset. The yacht will sail overnight to the wayag islands.

Wayag Islands

Day 3

Today you will wake up in the morning with the fantastic views ofthe lagoons, limestone cliffs and mushroom islands of wayag. The crystal clear waters appear like unreal windows to various types offlora and fauna that live underwater.


After a superb breakfast, you have the opportunity to swim or dive at ridge rock, a prowling ground for wobbegong sharks, marbled rays and mantas. If you prefer to explore the labyrinth of islands from above the water, you can enjoy a speedboat tour around the many rock islands. Or you can opt to go hiking and scale the highest peak of the island, mount pindito, for rewarding views of these extremely beautiful islands.


In the evening, the crew will set up our beach barbecue. Star-gaze, relax on plush white cushions and savor fresh grilled seafood, caught during the days sail.


After diner, the we will cruise southwards as the ship begins the overnight voyage to the south of the raja ampat archipelago.

Kofiau Island & Boo Islands

Day 4

You will wake up at kofiau island. After a gourmet breakfast, we will visit deer, a scenic original village on the island. You have time to discover paradisiac beaches with crystal clear waters.


Back onboard you can enjoy a fabulous lunch and relax on the sun beds, while the yacht is heading to the boo islands. This group of tiny isles is renowned for its lush green jungles. You will be able to choose from a multitude of activities, like scuba diving in boo kecil lagoon where a wealth underwater life is ready to be discovered, or trekking through uninhabited islands and admire the exotic birds that fly by. Whatever you opt to do, the views and fascinating life above and underneath the water will not disappoint you.


In the evening, let yourself be cuddled with a massage and an exquisite plate of fresh seafood before the day ends with another spectacular sunset in a private bay.


Day 5

We lift anchor at sunrise and sail to the island of misool. Take this moment to watch the beautiful scenery passing by while you take your breakfast, sunbathe or daydream in the open air lounge.


In the afternoon, we reach misool and go ashore for a hike to the traditional village of lenmolas. Here you have the extraordinary occasion to meet the local inhabitants and learn about indonesian history and culture.


Besides this village, misool is almost uninhabited. Let the beautiful scenery embrace you as you venture through rich forests and hike around hilly landscapes. As evening approaches, the open air dining area is the perfect place for another breathtaking sunset over misool.

Farondi Islands

Day 6

Another morning of new discoveries await us at misool archipelago before the ship heads southwards. During the cruise, gaze at the endless islands that pass you by from the deck or take a fresh juice on your private balcony.


After another delicious lunch, we will moor in the farondi islands, that are surrounded by alluring shores and offer stunning underwater scenery because of its distinctive seascape. So take your time to swim in the warm tropical waters, to go around the lagoons in the dinghy for amazing sights and wildlife, or stroll on the beach.


In the evening, savor the combination of an extraordinary diner and the incredible views around you. We will spend the night at anchor, lulled by the ripples of the sea and the calming tranquillity.

Kalig & Fiabacet

Day 7

This morning we depart from the farondi islands and travel to the untouched islands of kalig and fiabacet. Be prepared for another day in paradise.


Relax on glimmering white sand and enjoy the warm sun on your face. After a delightful lunch, dive along with marine life as abundant as nature planned or snorkel in the crystal clear waters and discover vibrant coral reefs just off the shore.


After this leisurely afternoon outside, and perhaps another spa treatment, the evening brings a marvelous sunset and a diligent prepared diner with which you end another day in style…

Kepulauan Penyu Islands

Day 8

When the sun rises, the ship sets off to the islands of Kepulauan Penyu. Indulge in another unforgettable day ashore, where you get the opportunity to visit remote deserted beaches made of sand as fine as talcum powder, and dive or snorkel in the shades of turquoise waters, to discover colorful coral reefs and an abundance of underwater flora and fauna. 


After this rewarding afternoon aground, you return to the yacht where another delectable diner is waiting for you. After that, we set cruise again and begins our journey back to the mainland. 


Day 9

Today you wake up in batanta island, just west of the mainland city of waisai. This incredible journey is approaching its end, still though you can fully enjoy one last escapade this morning in cool crystal clear waters and on picturesque, pristine beaches.


Back on board of the ship your savory lunch is served and we sail to marchesa bay. You have the opportunity to go ashore, and meet the local inhabitants in a nearby traditional village. In the evening, stargaze the unforgettable view of the twinkling night sky from the deck and relax on your last night onboard of the ship.

BCS1 kopie
Magia II Yacht master cabin 3 kopie

Back to Wasai

Day 9

On your final day, we return to waisais in the morning. After breakfast, the time has come to prepare for disembarkation. Here the crew will say goodbye to you and assist you with your onward travel plans.

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