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By sailing the Komodo islands on a Indonesian Phinisi you can even reach the most remote and inhabited places. we will show you spectacular views from rocky mountains to steep hills. On Rinca island you will picture yourself in a Jurassic Park setting, whereas on other islands you will find lush mangroves and pristine white sandy beaches.
Beautiful Valley View of Gili Lawa with Clear Sky. Komodo Nation

Komodo National Park

Komodo national park is part of the UNESCO World Heritage and is located between the islands of Sumbawa and Flores. There are three major islands, Rinca, Komodo and Padar surrounded by many smaller islands, all of volcanic origin. Other than having the best diving spots in Indonesia , Komodo is also famous for the giant lizards, the Komodo dragons. The Komodo dragon can be found on Rinca Island and Komodo Island. Your liveaboard tours will organise trips with experienced guides to encounter these incredible creatures! The great diversity of landscapes makes this area very interesting to explore.

Komodo’s wildlife

The giant lizard who looks very much like a dinosaur only exists on a few islands in the world, the islands of the Komodo Archipelago. The Komodo dragon can grow up to 9 foot tall and weighs over 300lb, this makes it the biggest lizard on earth. They are real predators and feed on whatever they can find. Their prey gets bitten by the dragon and slowly dies of its injury. Just one bite can be enough to kill. The dragon has a extremely venomous and deadly saliva. Their prey dies after hours of suffering. For millions of years the Komodo dragon has improved its hunting skills to near perfection making good use of it! Komodo dragons are voracious, they tear apart their prey and can eat almost their own bodyweight in one single meal. They are the only predators living on these islands and they fulfil a very important function. Their efficiency in picking the weak animals as their prey sustains the right balance the ecosystem. During a guided tour on the island of Rinca you can observe the Komodo dragon up close. Sometimes we even see them swimming, but usually they are very lazy lying underneath the trees. Be careful though they are not as innocent as they look!

Pink Beach in Komodo with Boats

Pink Beaches in Flores, Komodo

The Komodo pink beach is famous for its light reddish sand color and stunning turquoise water.

Komodo’s underwater wildlife

Let’s talk about the best world class diving in Indonesia. What can we expect to find underneath the surface? There will be exciting drift dives with lots of big creatures such as manta rays, reef sharks, turtles, dolphins and even whale sharks if you are lucky!

Komodo belongs to one of the most spectacular diving areas in the world. Because of its position in between the Indian and Great Ocean it is rich with nutrients and attracts a massive amount of biodiversity, here you find the area with the biggest biodiversity on earth. From giant manta rays to small colored critters. Almost impossible to describe….,this is an experience every diver dreams of.
Clown Fish Komodo National Park
Flores Island Earial View By Yacht

Castle Rock

This spot is definitely our number one. The top of this rock peeks out of the water. It slopes down to 50 meters on all sides, we dive around the rock downstream. A true nature documentary takes place before your eyes! Everything comes together here, you will find yourself surrounded by eagle rays, big reef sharks and schools of doctor fish and parrot fish. There is so much action all at once. In between the colourful and exceptional corals you will find extraordinary fish such as octopus and big morenes. Many turtles swim along or rest on coral. This is a truly magical place, everybody who comes up at the end of this dive is awe-struck by its beauty. This dive spot is usually repeated during a live aboard diving trip. It is a truly amazing experience.

Batu Bolong

This is a diving spot that lies in the middle of Komodo National Park. Above water it looks like a boring rock but underneath one finds a true adventure. The biggest amount of fish comes together here! Sharks, mackerels, napoleon fish, barracudas and many more big predators can be encountered here. On the impressive coral reef you can also find all sorts of small critters. This is a diving spot that makes Komodo famous and shows its immense biodiversity all together.

Multi Colored Christmans Tree Worm on Coral Flores
White Reef Sharks To Be Found in Komodo


If you want some real action, this will be your favourite location! This spot is also known as “Shotgun”. It lies in between two islands in the northern part of Komodo National Park. Because the waters must flow in between reefs the currents are one of the strongest of all recreational dive spots worldwide.This brings many advantages because there are almost always some majestic manta rays hanging around in these waters. In the beginning of the dive we follow the current as it brings you to a sandy bottom. Here you may find some white tip sharks that sleep in the sand. We take our hooks here and pin ourselves to a rock on the bottom, we gather all divers and on a sign of our dive master we let go catapulting ourselves over the reef, this is a thrilling and amazing experience.

Manta Alley

After all the action it is time for a relaxing dive that shows Komodo’s famous giant manta rays. It is the manta dive because the manta come here to clean themselves. They drift in the current or they float graciously around in circles. These animals can reach a wing width of 9m, their top side is usually black or blue, and their belly’s are white. There are many manta’s on this spot. They come in groups or alone. Great silhouettes are visible from the boat, and sometimes they even jump. It is a beautiful show time and time again. Here you get the change to really see them up close. If we spot them we fix our hooks and drift in the water to enjoy the show. Divers as well as snorkelers can enjoy this amazing experience to see this majestic animals up close.


The origin of Komodo

The volcanic islands of the Komodo Archipelago lie on the border of Indonesia. Together with ancient Asian and Australian parts they form one of the most important and interesting biological regions in the world. This region is called “Wallacea”. It was named after the famous biologist Albert Russel Wallace who firstly documented this group of islands. Wallace was amazed by the unusual animal species he found here. He found a great number of undiscovered nowhere else to be found. The islands rise up from the sea and were formed by a chain of volcanoes. The soil of these islands was rich and fertile. Fruits and seeds were brought to the islands by the ocean, this is where plants find their origin on the islands. The vegetation was spread rapidly and over time animals arrived. It was spacious and a wide variety of food was available to their inhabitants.

Komodo Travel Advice

The best time of year to travel Komodo is from April to September. Most yachts sailing in Komodo are anchored here during the season. The best conditions are in, and around this period. We recommend to have at least a Padi Open Water certificate or get your certificate during your trip with our Instructor. This will give you the opportunity to enjoy your diving experience to the fullest! Because of the strong currents and challenging dive sites some experience will be to your advantage. There are Padi certified and experienced dive guides and teachers on every yacht sailing Komodo. They will safely guide you through the dive sites and take you to the highlights and hidden under water treasures of Komodo diving. If you don’t have a diving certificate yet, don’t worry, you can get your Padi course on board of the ship. Yacht Charter Indonesia offers the best Komodo Cruises. From 4-day family tours to luxurious private charter tours on board of a beautiful yacht. Not to forget adventurous diving trips . On board of a luxurious Phinisi inspired ship you explore the beautiful surroundings and visits the best diving spots on earth. In Komodo not only underwater but also above, breathtaking scenery is there to be discovered. A quick domestic flight will bring you from Bali to Labuan Bajo, a small fishing town from where the yachts depart on their Komodo diving adventure. Transfer services to the ship arranged on request. A great option is to stay in one of our recommended and unique accommodations and explore Flores on a one or two day tour. All can be arranged by the Yacht Charter Indonesia team.

Water Temperature

Avg. 27°C. Generally a bit colder (18°C to 23°C) towards the south.

Weather Conditions

Tropical weather, sunshine & nice sea breeze. Windy at nighttime.

Sea Conditions

Generally calm. sometimes windy when cruising along the south of Rinca & Komodo.

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